Full service information management and technology company specializing in the optimization of mission critical operations. iNVERNESS Technologies provides premier consulting and support services in information technology, program management, and healthcare. The iNVERNESS Team has over 75 years experience helping government and private organizations to develop comprehensive strategies for the efficient and effective management of information technology.



iNVERNESS works with clients on their toughest technology issues. The iNVERNESS Team has a proven track record of managing and supporting 24/7 computing and communications networks. Through innovative problem solving and the application of our diverse experiences, we help organizations creatively address the special challenges of managing information technology in a variety of government settings. Our in-depth understanding of how to manage information systems, as well as our expertise in combining technology and business processes, empowers iNVERNESS experts to effectively identify and implement solutions that help organizations reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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iT Areas of Expertise

- Asset Management
- Service/Help Desk Support
- Data Warehousing
- Web Hosting
- Web Application Development
- Networks Operations
- Sysytems Security and Information Assurance
- Configuration & Document Management
- Database Management & Optimization


iNVERNESS provides the full spectrum of professional training services to government and private organizations. We offer a customized approach to assess and analyze learning needs, design curriculums, develop lesson plans and deliver training. From instructor-led training to computer-based training (CBT) and Web-based training (WBT), we meet the specific needs of our clients. We collaborate with our clients to help them become high-performance businesses and government organizations. Our high-performance business strategy builds on our expertise in information assurance and security, health information and management systems, business process management, training development and delivery, and DNA identification management in mass fatalities and laboratory settings, as well as our knowledge of Section 508 compliance and other regulations.

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Our Services Include

- Curriculum
- Lesson Plans
- Training Manuals
- Web Resources
- Instructor Guides
- Workbooks
- Presentation Materials
- Reference Materials
- Professional Facilitation
- Train the Trainer
- Instructor-Led Training
- Web-Based Delivery
- Computer-Based Delivery

Counseling & Support Services

iNVERNESS Technologies' Higher Education Counselors deliver comprehensive education support services to our clients in government and private sector entities. Our Counselors' adept methodology supports clients with goal establishment, education plan development, capability and/or needs assessment interpretation, school admissions applications, and eligibility determination of education benefits.We provide the tools and resources necessary to assist clients make informed career decisions, be competitive in the workforce, and provide position contributions to their community.

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Areas of Expertise

- 1-on-1 Counseling Sessions
- Group Counseling Sessions
- Virtual Counseling Sessions (Telephonic or Electronic)
- Professional Facilitation
- Higher Education Track Two-Day Classes
- Follow-ups on clients' established goals


iNVERNESS Technologies' experienced and accomplished project management professionals have decades of experience helping clients manage a variety of projects from small response tasks to major acquisition programs. We provide extensive tools and processes to help clients manage virtually every aspect of IT programs and projects - delivering results on time and within budget. By utilizing extremely powerful disciplines and exceptional skill-sets, we consistently deliver high-quality projects that make significant improvements to decision makers.

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Program & Project Management Services

- Detailed Project Planning & Design
- Project Life-Cycle Implementation & Management
- Project Tracking & Oversight
- Project Management Training
- Economic Analysis & Resource Management
- Accurate & Standardized Reporting

We help our clients to manage entire programs by improving efficiencies, optimizing business performance, and helping them to meet your most complex business challenges.


Inverness provides professional management consulting services to government and private organizations. We offer a wide range of management consulting services to help clients achieve their business and financial goals. Inverness consultants help clients continuously improve their management practices so they can accomplish their goals. Our primary focus is to collaborate with organizations to help them efficiently and effectively manage information and technology.

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Consultation Services

- Strategic Plan Development and Implementation
- Annual Performance Plan Development and Execution
- Policy and Procedure, Strategy and Program Plan Development
- Organizational Design
- Meeting Facilitation and Coordination
- Requirements Definition
- Program Evaluation and Cost Reduction
- Business Process Improvement
- Technology Assessment and Insertion
- Presentation Preparation and Techniques
- Technical White Papers, Trade- Off Studies, and Market Surveys

Research & Evaluation Studies

iNVERNESS Technologies conducts research and evaluation studies that are performed by doctorally trained faculty and specialized research personnel with expertise in the areas required by clients to meet specific project needs. We have successfully conducted various studies, including projects aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of health care initiatives, evaluating treatment programs, and measuring health-related outcomes.

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Areas of Study:

- Health Services Research
- Outcomes Measurement
- Comparative Effectiveness Research
- Survey Research
- Healthcare Improvement
- Program Evaluation
- Health Policy Analysis

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